World Wide Knit in Public Day, 2017

I spent Saturday afternoon with the Belfast SnB group for the World Wide Knit in Public Day 2017. They’re a wonderfully welcoming group of ladies and so much fun to knit and chat with. This is a very talented group of crafters with knitting, crocheting, embroidery and spindle spinning all taking place.

The Dock WWKIP Day 2017

They were meeting up at the Dock Cafe near the Titanic Building in Belfast at mid-day. It’s a very exciting year for this fun loving group of friends as they’re celebrating 10 years together. [Read more…]

Box O Sox KAL 2016

Box O Sox KAL 2016 – Early in 2016 I was watching one of my favourite podcasts, Yarngasm. Kristin of Voolenvine Yarns who does this fun podcast mentioned her new KAL running on her Yarngasm Ravelry Group.


My ears pricked up. Literally.

I don’t often join KAL’s, well, this isn’t completely true, I join but other projects I’m working on for the Knitting Squirrel to show how beautiful the new yarns look when knitted up, normally take precedence, so I normally don’t finish the KAL in time.

Box O Sox KAL 2016

But, I mean, a box of a minimum of 12 pairs of socks by the 1st January 2017… This sounded like a huge amount of fun. You’ll all know if you visit the Knitting Squirrel regularly, I do love knitting socks. This gave me the perfect opportunity to start 2017 with 12 lovely new pairs of socks just for me… positively decadent! I finished with 14 pairs of socks. [Read more…]

Who Owns These Hand Knit Socks?

I’d draped the newly finished Slip Stitch Socks on the picnic table, while on holiday in the Cairngorms in September, as I wanted to take a few photos of them. We soon had a couple of interested visitors.

A few of the red squirrels were regular visitors so we gave them nicknames. The two squirrels in this series of photos are Baby Girl and Tufty.

Red Squirrel and Hang Knit Socks

Baby Girl arrived for a snack. “Mmm… whats this?” [Read more…]

Giro d’Italia in Belfast

Wow it has been an exciting couple of days with the Giro d’Italia’s opening stages taking place in Northern Ireland.

Over the past few weeks and days the city has been gradually turning pink… We watched the time trials on tv from the start at the Titanic Building to the end outside the City Hall. This route went through East and South Belfast.


On the Holywood Road at the Library a change befell the CS Lewis sculpture. The Knit and Natter group were having some fun with pink yarn. [Read more…]

Taking Part in a Yarn Swap

I’ve taken part in several swaps over the years. I particularly enjoyed this yarn swap a few years ago on Ravelry.

It was a secret surprise swap with no communication between the swap partners. Also, we were sending our package to a different person than the person we were receiving our swap package from. This helped ensure there would be no contact between the swap partners.

The minimum amount to spend on the package was £25 plus package and posting. The package would contain 7 individually wrapped parcels. One parcel would be opened every day for one week and the blogger would then write a daily blog post for the week.


There were a few specific items that had to be included: 100g of new yarn or fibre; Some type of knitting notion; Embellishments; A pattern. This covered 4 of the parcel contents. There were a few suggestions for the remaining parcels: Something handmade; a magazine; a book; stationery; a treat; something small that would add a fun element to the photographs our swap partner would take.

So how were we to discover what our swap partner would like? What type of patterns did they enjoyed knitting? [Read more…]

Xi’an Chinese Warriors Yarn Bombing

The Xi’an Warriors are a super cool outdoor exhibition in the grounds of Belfast City Hall.


A ‘paint party’ was held to decorate the warriors in bright colours, spray paints, and yarn bombing. [Read more…]

Colony of Gonks Spotted in the Glens

At the weekend we went for a drive along the Coast Road. We parked the car and walked up the steep stony lane towards the lost village. We were looking for a good setting to photograph a new project that I have finished knitting.

It was a sunny summer day with a cool breeze blowing in from the Ocean.


I paused and looked across the mountainside. The wild rugged landscape was amazing. Tiny windswept hawthorns were growing between the rocks. [Read more…]