Knitting Squirrel Sale Page

We spent the weekend doing Stock Taking at the Knitting Squirrel…

Knitting Squirrel Sale Page

Some of our popular Opal Collections only had a few balls of yarn left in stock so I’ve added them to the Knitting Squirrel Sale Page!

Treat yourself to beautiful sock yarn at a bargain price before it’s gone!  [Read more…]

John Arbon Sock Yarn

Have you ever wondered how the sock yarn you’re using to knit your new sock with has been made?

I must admit that I do. I have always found the machinery that is used to create the fine worsted yarns that are such a pleasure to knit with, to be fascinating.

I came across a wonderful video on youtube recently that shows John Arbon’s traditional mill in North Devon that spins fine worsted yarns and thought I’d share it with you. There is music on the video.

The Knitting Squirrel stocks John Arbon’s Alpaca Sock Yarn and Exmoor Sock Yarn. Both of which are gorgeous slightly rustic yarns to knit with although they soften beautifully with wear and washing. [Read more…]

New WYS Signature 4 ply Sock Yarns

West Yorkshire Spinners have created some gorgeous new WYS Signature 4 ply sock yarns that we’ve just added to the Knitting Squirrels Yarn Shop. The WYS Signature 4 ply range are very popular sock yarns that feel wonderfully soft and squishy because of the 35% Bluefaced Leicester wool. West Yorkshire Spinners have been winners in the British Knitting Awards in both 2014 and 2015 for these great yarn ranges. You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you wear a pair of socks knit using this exceptional sock yarn!

WYS Signature 4 ply Christmas Special

In time for Christmas, West Yorkshire Spinners have created the gorgeous Limited Edition Holly Berry. This yarn brings together all the classic Christmas colours in a unique print. As always when WYS develop a new print in Signature 4 Ply they also like to launch a complementary accent shade. This allows knitters and crocheters to combine both shades to create eye catching garments and accessories. Cherry Drop is a stunning deep red which complements Holly Berry perfectly.

These two great yarns can be purchased here.

WYS Holly Berry and Cherry Drops [Read more…]

How Opal Creates Beautiful Sock Yarn

Have you ever wondered how Opal creates beautiful sock yarn that we have all come to love? There have been so many favourite collections over the years from Opal but one of my personal favourites is Fairies and Elves.

We have 4 of these lovely sock colours available in the Knitting Squirrel’s Yarn Shop but of course stocks, of this now hard to find range, are running low.

Opal Fairies and Elves Poster

I love the colour combinations and most of all how these yarns look when knitted into socks.

If you’ve always wanted to knit yourself a pair of socks, treat yourself to a ball of this lovely yarn in our yarn shop today, and have fun following the 4 part tutorial that will help you to knit your first pair of socks.

Oh, and did I remember to mention that Opal Fairies and Elves is On Sale? [Read more…]

Shilasdair Luxury 4ply & Isle of Skye

Shilasdair dyer, Eva Lambert, is inspired by the intense but subtle colours of the Isle of Skye landscape where she lives and works and the legacy of Scottish natural dyeing. There is a subtle and vibrant beauty in the colours created by the natural dyes that she uses to dye her gorgeous luxury yarns.

Shilasdair Luxury 4ply

Shilasdair Luxury 4ply is hand dyed on the beautiful Isle of Skye in 24 magical colours. I used 5 of these to knit the Shetland Hap Shawl. I loved the depth of the colour in the Blaeberry and used it for the main colour in the shawl. The yarn is lightly spun and wonderfully soft and warm. [Read more…]

Why Sock Yarn is Worthwhile Using

If you are going to spend hours of your precious time knitting a pair of socks you will want to choose a soft but durable yarn to knit them. Helping you to have a finished pair of hand knit socks that are comfortable, easy to wash, and will give you years of wear. Read on to find out why sock yarn is worthwhile using.


Sock yarns are are wonderfully versatile and can be used for knitting many other types of project. They are the perfect choice for knitting shawls, scarves, cowls, mittens, gloves and hats as well as socks. [Read more…]