Eton Cap

Are You Looking for An Elegant Lace and Cable Cloche to Knit?

Eton Cap was published in Yarn Forward Magazine in October 2010 and is an excellent choice to consider.


I love this rich shade of purple in Scrumptious 4 ply and feel wonderful wearing my version of Eton Cap.

Changes I made to the Pattern


The Eton Cap pattern had beads added in the last row of the lace pattern repeat. I cast on this hat late one evening and didn’t have any size 6 beads in my knitting box. So I just worked on and I think Eton Cap is pretty without the beads.  Other than leaving out the beads, I didn’t make any changes to this pattern.  It was just perfect.

And The Yarn

For my birthday last year my sister Pip sent me a skein of 4 ply Scrumptious in my favourite shade of violet.  The yarn is a blend of 45% silk and 55% superwash merino.  For a long time I just looked and touched this gorgeous skein.  I even started knitting it a couple of times but found myself frogging the projects. When I saw this pattern I knew it would be perfect for this yarn.

Wonderful alternative yarns for knitting this hat would be KS Merino Silk 4ply or Artesano Alpaca 4ply as both yarns would allow the lace and cable patterns to shine.

Would I Knit Eton Cap Again?

Eton Cap designed by Laura Martos is a very well written pattern, that is easy to follow and enjoyable to knit.  I love how the designer describes her inspiration for the pattern:

“this beautiful cap is inspired by the close fitting cloche caps and dramatically short Eton bob hairstyles worn by young women in the 1920’s, which defined the modern and rebellious ‘flapper’ look of the era.”

I look forward to seeing how the pattern looks using a different yarn and next time I will definitely include the beads as I now have a selection in my knitting storage box.


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