Opal Schafpate VIII The Romantic



Opal’s latest range Schafpate VIII The Romantic self-patterning sock yarn.


Produced from Germany’s own Schafpate rare breed sheep. Watch the pattern appear as you knit just like magic!



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Opal Schafpate VIII The Romantic Sock Yarn 

Opal Schafpate VIII The Romantic Sock Yarn for 2016 is a beautiful and soft 4 ply from the eco managed Schafpate rare-breed sheep from the wonderful Saxony area of Germany.

  • Material: 75% superwash virgin wool, 25% polyamide
  • Actual Weight: 100 grams
  • Length: 425m
  • Needle Size: 2-2.5mm
  • Care: Machine washable at 40 °C

Wonderful Characteristics of this rare breed wool:

  • Soft and absorbent
  • Skin friendly
  • Hard wearing
  • Non-felting
  • Non-shrinking

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Opal Schafpate VIII

9200 Winter Pasture, 9201 Sheepdog, 9202 Rest Time, 9203 Playground, 9204 Upbringing, 9205 Bivouac, 9206 Eye Catcher, 9207 Forest Hike


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