Wingspan Shawl using Zauberball

Are you looking for an elegant shawl? Wingspan shawl is the perfect choice for wearing on an evening out and adds a quirky touch to your outfit.


Wingspan is certain to attract comment from both your non-knitting and knitting friends, the former will want you to knit one for them and the latter will want to know which pattern and yarn you used.

The Pattern

Wingspan is designed by Maylin Tri’Coterie Designs. As soon as I saw photographs of the finished pattern on I just knew that it was going to be moved to the top of my knitting to do list. Since I finished my Wingspan Shawl a new pattern has been released with additional ideas for knitting Wingspan – Wingspan and Beyond.


And the Yarn

The best choice of yarn for this pattern is one with a long colour repeat.  A ball of Zauberball Floral Language colour 2079 made by Schoppel Wolle was the perfect choice.  It is a soft single ply 75% wool, 25% nylon sock yarn in apple green, pink and ivory. Wingspan used the whole 100g ball of yarn. Towards the end of the final section I was feeling a little nervous that I wouldn’t have enough to complete the top edge. However, there was enough to complete the shawl with a tiny amount left over. I think the Wingspan Shawl would also be beautiful knit using Crazy Zauberball or any other long colour transitioning yarn.


Floral Language brings to yarn the delicate pinks and greens in the exquisite pink tree peony blossoms.

Wrap and Turn

If you are wanting a project that will give you plenty of practice using short rows, this will be ideal. Although the pattern doesn’t specify using wrap and turn Wingspan is the perfect way of learning this useful technique.


Wrap and Turn – Bring yarn to front as if you are about to purl, slip one stitch purlwise.  Turn work to other side.  Strand of yarn is now in back of work.  Bring yarn to the front, slip one stitch back to right needle.  Place yarn in back and proceed to knit those stitches.  When you reach the ‘wrapped’ stitch, knit the wrap and the stitch as one stitch.

Would I Knit This Pattern Again?

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew that I wanted to knit it.  I enjoyed knitting the cute geometric asymmetric shawl.  Floral Language has a lovely long colour repeat which creates a beautiful swirl of colour.


What thrilled me about this pattern was how easy it was to knit yet it looks wonderfully complicated. I exaggerated the swirl created by the short row shaped triangles during blocking. I look forward to seeing several other colourways knit as Wingspan so I can wear it with other outfits.


Wingspan looks equally as stunning viewed from the back or the front. Making it the perfect choice for wearing on a cool summer evening over a summer dress or worn in the Autumn with a sweater.


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  1. I am looking to get the wingspan pattern that I can use in giving a class at our knit shop in Kelley’s Quality Sewing Center. I need to be able to give out or sell the copies for this project. I love the wingspan, and many people have commented on it as we have a sample another instructor had made up and put on display. I am not sure where she got the pattern. Can you help me out?

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