About Nicolette

I love knitting.

I’m Nicolette Kernohan and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Knitting is my joy. Knitting is both meditative and relaxing, and this wonderful creative pastime has helped me through very difficult times.

I enjoy blogging about my own knitting journey. It has inspired my curiosity in the world around me. When I cannot decide which project I want to knit next, I enthusiastically browse through magazines, pulling out images that inspire me, “playing” with the beautiful yarns in my “Stash” and just moving colours around. Before long I am reaching for my needles and ready to cast on again…


I love knitting and designing new patterns that inspire me especially when I’m also learning new skills. The whole process of planning a new project fascinates me. From finding the initial inspiration that sparks an idea and propels me into a new project, exploring different options and sampling, finding colour combinations that ‘glow’, and using photography to document the journey. Sometimes the spark can be a beautiful photograph or just holding a lovely new skein of yarn and dreaming about what it could become.

I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember… this led to studying textile design and knitted textiles to postgraduate level and taking the wonderfully practical City and Guilds courses in Creative Design, Fashion, Soft Furnishings, Patchwork & Quilting and Creative Embroidery.

I started my first website, Sasha Doll Style, in 2003. Over the years, Sasha Doll Style has evolved into a website that’s all about fun. Enjoying your Sasha dolls. Finding ideas for dressing them. And of course my Sasha Photo Stories. The Knitting Squirrel followed in 2012.