Knit Pro Zing 15cm Double Pointed Needles




Zing are beautiful colour-coded 15cm double pointed needles from Knit Pro. Super lightweight aluminium with perfectly pointed shiny silver tips. Each set contains 5 needles. A style statement for every discerning knitter and an absolute dream to knit with!





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Knit Pro Zing are a style statement for every discerning knitter and more to the point an absolute dream to knit with!

Knit Pro Zing herald the most gorgeous 15 cm double pointed needles ever!

They come in a spectrum of vibrant and lively metallic colours. Each size in it’s own unique colour with its size laser printed on all needles.

Knit Pro Zing are gorgeous Metal Needles manufactured from superior grade light weight metal.

Perfect shiny silver tips, flawlessly tapered – ideal for all yarns and every project.

Very light on hands

Warm to the touch, and gentle in the hand


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Knit Pro Zing

2 mm Coral, 2.25 mm Amber, 2.5 mm Garnet, 2.75 mm Carnelian, 3 mm Jade, 3.25 mm Emerald, 3.5 mm Chrysolite, 3.75 Amethyst, 4 mm Sapphire, 4.5 mm Lolite, 5 mm Ruby, 5.5 mm Brown


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