Bubbles Scarf

It is so much fun learning a new knitting technique and a scarf is the perfect project to practice on.

Now and again as I browse through the patterns on Ravelry a new one jumps out at me – screaming – knit me, knit me! The Bubbles Scarf designed by Lucy Neatby is one of these beauties. I couldn’t resist buying the pattern.

Bubbles Scarf Neutral Collage

Having read through the pattern I was so smitten by Lucy Neatby’s original colour scheme that I ordered the Kauni Effekt wool in the same colours that she had used EQ and EN. I bought the yarn from SKD yarns in the UK. I bought more yarn than specified and was glad that I did as when I had finished knitting the pattern I knew that I wanted my scarf to be longer.

There were a few new techniques to be tried in the Bubbles Scarf pattern. I was learning how to do double knitting, tubular cast on and tubular cast off although in the end after I’d tried the cast off version I opted for the sewn version which is really a form of grafting. Knitting the practice swatch was a perfect taster as it goes through all of the techniques that are needed for knitting the Bubbles Scarf as well as allowing me to check the tension is correct.

I left out the padding in the bubbles. I felt that the scarf was going to be thick and warm enough without adding  padded bubbles. I used 3.5mm bamboo needles.  The pattern is very detailed and it is easy to follow. Lucy Neatby’s instructions are very clear.

Bubble Swatch Swatch to Finished

I charted out the bubble pattern in its 6 inch sections on graph paper. I just made it easier for me to see where a bubble was ending or starting in conjunction with the overall scarf design and other nearby bubbles where they were more closely grouped together. I charted two more 6 inch sections for my scarf to add additional length.

Bubble Scarf

The Kauni Effekt wool feels slightly hair. I haven’t washed or blocked the scarf and am hoping that when it will feel softer after the first wash. The yarn is machine washable at 30 deg Celsius but I put too much effort into knitting this scarf to put it into the washing machine. I’ll hand wash this scarf. A scarf isn’t like a pair of socks it doesn’t need to be washed after every use.

Bubbles Scarf Rainbow Collage

I love how using two very different yarn colour combinations gives the scarf completely different colours on each side of the scarf. I found myself thinking of the Kauni Effekt EQ as the Rainbow side and the Kauni Effekt EN as the Neutrals side.

I’ll definitely knit another scarf using the double knitting technique. It was a pleasure to knit. Lucy added interest to the knitting because all the bubble sections are different.

This is one of the loveliest scarves I have ever knit. I love the fact that the scarf is double sided and completely different on either side. So beautiful.

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