3 Colour Cashmere Cowl

Once our holiday in Connemara, Co Galway had been planned and booked, I knew I wanted to visit Kylemore Abbey with its beautiful restored Victorian Walled Garden.

3 Colour Cashmere Cowl

When I was knitting the 3 Colour Cashmere Cowl designed by Joji Locatelli, I visualised it photographed with the beautiful Abbey in the background. [Read more…]

Wandering Socks – Lettergesh Beach

I finished the Wandering Socks and we photographed them while relaxing with a picnic on Lettergesh Beach in Connemara. It was a lovely sunny day and the golden sand shimmered with a heat haze.

Wandering Sock Lettergesh Beach

Lettergesh Beach is a beautiful beach. We went for a few walks on it while we were staying at Dawros. It is so restful wandering along the beach listening to the waves rippling on the beach. [Read more…]

Wandering Socks – Dawros Beg

After our long drive from the Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry to Connemara in County Galway via The Burren in County Clare we were really tired. The cottage at Dawros Beg was amazing. It was more of a family home than a holiday rental.

Wandering Socks Dawros

The setting was just so tranquil. So the following day we decided it was time for some rest, relaxation and sock knitting. (Also, as it was such a lovely hot day I thought I’d catch up with the laundry.) [Read more…]

Wandering Socks – The Burren

I was reasonably pleased with my progress on the second Wandering Sock by the time we reached the Burren in County Clare. I’d almost finished knitting the leg, even though, I’d snoozed for a couple of hours.

Wandering Socks The Burren

End of May to early June is the perfect time to visit the Burren. So many of the wild flowers are flowering or in bud! [Read more…]

Wandering Socks – Ladies View

I cast on and started knitting the cuff of my second Wandering Sock while sitting on a rock overlooking the panoramic views from Ladies View. This viewpoint is about 10 miles from Killarney. It is on the road from Killarney to Kenmare which is part of the Ring of Kerry.

Wandering Socks Ladies View [Read more…]

Wandering Socks – Tetrapod Trackway

The Tetrapod Trackway on Valentia Island dates from the Devonian period over 365 million years ago.

Wandering Socks Tetrapod Tracks

Neil really wanted to see the Tetrapod Trackway although I’ve got to admit that I teased him that the Tetrapod just looked like an enormous prehistoric newt! [Read more…]

Wandering Socks – Ballaghsheen Pass

I’d just finished the Knit Circus Socks and had a ball of Opal Beachcombing in Message in a Bottle colour 8734 nestled in my bag just in case I needed to cast on a new project while we were out. I cast on the new sock while parked in a car park in Waterville beside the road to Glencar that we were going to drive along. It was late in the day, and I wanted to have the cuff cast on so that I could knit on our way back to the cottage on the Gap of Dunloe.

Wandering Socks Beenkeragh Gap Kerry

We’d decided to take a narrow road through the mountains. After looking at the map, we noticed that it went pretty much through the mountains (as the crow flies) towards where we were staying. As we drove, we passed an old graveyard with a ruined church in it. Deciding to stop, we wandered through the graveyard looking at the hundreds of marker stones. There were a few almost beehive shaped rock burial mounds. [Read more…]

Kerry Bog Village

We intended to spend the day travelling around half of the Ring of Kerry but it wasn’t long before we were turning in to visit the Kerry Bog Village.

Kerry Bog Village

The Gypsy caravan was amazing. It really is hard to see how a whole family could live in the tiny space even though it was empty inside. [Read more…]

Alegria Rib & Garter Stitch Socks

We decided to walk down to Dinis Cottage. A lovely walk on a lane way to the cottage with a small slipway. We had hoped to have a coffee and cake in the cafe, but unfortunately the cafe was closed, as they hadn’t yet opened for the summer season even though it was the end of May.

Alegria Socks

We walked along the narrow path at the end of the path reached the Meeting of the Waters with a pretty view of Old Weir Bridge. [Read more…]

Slea Head Drive, Dingle

Normally, I like to have a knitting theme somewhere within a post on the Knitting Squirrel. But I thought, I’d write a few posts to share photographs of our visit to County Kerry and Co Galway. This is the gorgeous day trip we had on the Dingle Peninsula. We not just enjoyed beautiful scenery but amazingly good weather too! This post is based on my holiday journal.

Inch Beach

We left early for our visit to the Dingle Peninsula. Not long after we turned onto the peninsula, we stopped at Inch Beach. [Read more…]

Beach Pebble Paperweight

Just imagine… you’re sitting on Lettergesh Beach knitting a sock and the pages in my notebook keep fluttering over in the breeze. I was ready for a break from knitting socks… so what to do next?

I found myself lying back on the patchwork quilt to enjoy the warmth of the sun on my face. Sitting up, I pulled back the quilt, and dug a pebble out of the sand. It had been digging into my back in a rather uncomfortable way.

Pebble Paperweight


A fun idea had come into my mind. Knit a woolly pullover for a beach pebble… voila… a paperweight! [Read more…]

Wool & Sheep Centre in Leenane

We decided to take the scenic route to the Wool & Sheep Centre in Leenane. Arriving in Tullycross we turned right towards Leenane, stopping for a walk along Lettergesh Beach, which was really beautiful. We knew the tide was coming in so it was a reasonably quick walk as we didn’t want to get cut off on the wrong side of a huge rocky outcrop that had seaweed growing at least 2 metres above the sand. Lettergesh is a beautiful tidal beach that completely disappears when the tide comes in.

West of Ireland Black Faced Sheep

We drove along the narrow road which hugged the edge of the very pretty Lough Fee. [Read more…]

Knit Circus Socks

The Burren, Co Clare

Knit Circus Socks

On our drive from the Gap of Dunloe, Co Kerry to Connemara, Co Galway we decided to take a little longer and drive along the coast of the Burren, Co Clare. I visited the Burren about 10 years ago, but Neil had never been to the Burren. We passed a few pull in spots with coaches and hoards of people until we came to a small single car pull in spot beneath a steep slope. [Read more…]

Sheep’s Head Peninsula Walk to Lighthouse

We decided to drive around the Sheep’s Head Peninsula to enjoy a walk to the Lighthouse after our visit to Sheep’s Head Yarns. We reached Kilcrohane about 30 minutes before they closed Sheep’s Head Yarns on the last day of the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

We’d pretty much missed the main yarn market but I bought two skeins of hand dyed sock yarn by Strand Designs from the Sheep’s Head Shop.  [Read more…]

Sheep’s Head Peninsula Yarnbombing

The first of my post’s from our very recent holiday in Co Kerry and Co Galway. I’m not going to post in chronological order of what we did. Although, our trip to Sheep’s Head Yarns and Peninsula was our first main outing. I hope you will enjoy the posts, we were incredibly lucky with the weather. It was hot and sunny (for the west of Ireland this is unusual) for our whole trip… which was amazing, but I hadn’t been expecting it to be quite this warm and hadn’t packed for hot weather!

Sheep's Head Yarn Festival Kilcrohane

I’d heard about the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival on Twitter and had noticed that the last day of the festival was the day after our arrival in Co Kerry although the Yarn Festival was being held in Co Cork, quite a long way from where we were staying. [Read more…]