Purple Ripples Hat

Hand dyed sock yarn is truly beautiful and we’ve all fallen in love with that perfect skein and brought it home with us. I love to use up all of my left over hand dyed sock yarn. Small quantities of less than 10g are destined to become mitred squares.

Rippling Purples Hat

Regular visitors to the Knitting Squirrel will have noticed that I love knitting socks. When I knit a pair of socks for my mum, my sister or myself, I normally have between 30-35g of yarn leftover. This isn’t enough for a pair of fingerless mitts as they take about 50g of sock yarn. [Read more…]

How to Knit a Mitred Square Blanket

There are lots of different ways to knit a mitred square. This is how I knit my Mitred Square Blanket. I chose to use an analogous colour scheme of green, turquoise, teal, blue, purple, cerise as much as possible. Most of the yarns are either hand dyed: semi-solid, tonal, variegated, or commercial self patterning. A few other colours did creep in as part of a multi coloured variegated yarn or commercial sock yarn. These just add an extra sparkle to the finished blanket. I loved the tiny touches of orange, red, brown and zingy green.

Mitred Squares Blanket Pt3 5

This is a long post as I’ve taken lots of photos. I know that for many people I may go into too much detail, but I like to do the tutorial posts so that they will enable a beginner knitter to be able to do the project. This is actually a great project for a beginner as the mitred squares are easy to do. [Read more…]

Sea Blues Leftover Sock Yarn Socks

The Sea Blues Leftover Sock Yarn Socks used the 4 yarns that were used in the Blue Fair Isle Leftovers Socks with the addition of a 5th yarn. One was a commercial sock yarn and the other four yarns were indie hand dyed yarns. As is often the case with remnants of sock yarn the tags and labels have been lost or mislaid or have ended up in my bag of labels from previous projects. If I’d been sensible, I’d have tied a piece of the yarn around the label or to the tag, but I wasn’t really thinking ahead.

Sea Blues Leftover Sock Yarn Socks [Read more…]

Leftover Sock Yarn Socks

If you love knitting socks, you can’t help but to accumulate leftover sock yarn. And if you are anything like me you keep all the leftovers since it is very difficult to throw away yarn that you loved enough to want to buy in the first place. When I started knitting these socks I decided to use lots of different yarns but within  an analogous colour scheme of pinky-purples, purples and blues.  These include a wide range of sock yarns from hand dyed yarns to the lovely printed patterned yarns.

Purple Sock Yarn Leftovers Socks

I’ll include a cautionary tale at this point! [Read more…]

Mitred Square Scarf

I’ve been so much fun using up leftover sock yarn from my stash. I’ve combined mitred squares and stripes in this beautiful elegant Mitred Square Scarf.

Mitred Square Scarf 11

It has been interesting playing with my stash of leftover sock yarn in an analogous colour scheme from blues to purples with sparks of green and pink. I adore these cool colours together. It gives a wonderful feeling of an Impressionistic painting with the subtle movement of colour. [Read more…]

Mitred Squares Blanket – Part 1

Last year, I spent a little while looking through my stash of 4 ply and sock yarns, and decided that I needed to use some of the leftovers. With this in mind, I started thinking about different projects for using up this beautiful yarn. I’m really enjoying thinking about and planning all the projects that I want to make using this gorgeous yarn.

Mitred Square Blanket 6

For a very long time I have been knitting using 4ply and sock yarn. When I first started knitting clothes for the Sasha doll girls, boys, toddlers and babies, I began amassing a collection of these yarns in a myriad of colours. I have many part balls and scraps ranging in every colour in the colour wheel. All stored in airtight plastic crates and sorted by colour. In addition, I have boxes of small quantities of scraps from projects that I have finished over the years. [Read more…]

Blue Fair Isle Leftovers Socks

When you love knitting socks, if you’re anything like me, you have lots of small amounts of sock yarn leftover. I love creating new projects that use the leftover sock yarn. The Blue Fair Isle Leftovers Socks used 4 different sock yarns. One was a commercial sock yarn and the other three were artesan hand dyed 4ply sock yarns.

Blue Fair Isle Leftovers Socks

I can’t give you the specific colour names of these yarns as their tags are not with the yarns anymore, but I know who made or dyed the yarn. [Read more…]