Jujuy Shawl

The Jujuy Shawl designed by Joji Locatelli is a crescent shaped shawl which is one of my favourite shawl styles. They drape beautifully when you’re wearing them.

Jujuy Shawl by Joji Locatelli

I always bring a knitting project with me when I go on holiday, although usually I think I’ll have more knitting time than I do, and invariably bring at least one back up project too many. [Read more…]

Noro Dotted Rays Shawl

Dotted Rays Shawl is designed by Stephen West of WestKnits. I just love Stephen West’s gorgeous shawl designs. I’ve watched his Craftsy class Shawlscapes several times. I’ve bought several of his patterns although I haven’t knit all of them yet. Oh, I do love to have a few patterns on hand that I’m dreaming about casting on!

Noro Dotted Ray Shawl

Dotted Rays Shawl is a curved asymmetrical shawl. The garter stitch short row wedges gradually increase in size. While the yarn overs create beautiful rays between the wedges. [Read more…]

Drachenfels Shawl

Knitting the Drachenfels Shawl designed by Melanie Berg of Mairlynd has been on my must cast on list for many months. I enjoyed every moment of knitting this beautiful shawl pattern.

Drachenfels Shawl

I knew that I wanted to use my own hand dyed 4ply Blue faced Leicester sock yarn for the shawl. It is such a gorgeous lustrous yarn and takes the dye amazingly well. [Read more…]

Tara’s Chadwick Shawl

At the end of February I asked what my nieces would like for their birthdays that are two days apart in the third week of March. After some thought, Tara asked if I would knit her a shawl.

Tara wearing her Chadwick Shawl

My sister Pip kindly photographed Tara wearing her Chadwick Shawl!

She remembered trying on the Chadwick Shawl that I knit for my mum a couple of years ago. She was hoping for a shawl that she could drape over her shoulders when she is sitting working at her desk in her bedroom and pin in place with a shawl pin! [Read more…]

Cameo Shawl

Cameo Shawl is an elegant shawl designed by Paulina Popiolek. This shawl was on my wish/to do list for ages. It is a beautiful shawl that I really enjoyed knitting.

Cameo Shawl

I chose 2 colours of Hand Dyed Merino 4ply sock yarn. The first yarn is a gorgeous rich purple/mauve colour and the second contrasting yarn is a soft rust/violet colour combination. [Read more…]

Antarktis Shawl

Antarktis Shawl designed by Janina Kallio is beautiful. The pattern calls for one skein of your favourite hand dyed fingering weight yarn (100g) although I made a larger shawl and used 200g of sock yarn.

Don’t worry if your shawl looks as small as a napkin at this point. This is one of those projects where blocking really does wonders.

So soak thoroughly & block like you mean it!

The designer used a 3.5mm circular needle but mentions that she is a loose knitter. I did a couple of tension swatches and although, I knew that my tension was going to be too tight using the 3.5mm needle, I just preferred how the knitted fabric looked using this needle size.

Antarktis Shawl

Now I knew that no amount of extreme blocking was going to turn this shawl into one that I could wear.
I’m a bit plumper than I really want to be! [Read more…]

Shetland Hap Shawl

When I read about The Shetland Hap Shawl with Gudrun Johnston, the new Craftsy Class, I just knew that I had found the Shetland Hap Shawl that I wanted to knit. Her pattern for Hansel the half version of the Hap Shawl really appealed to me…

Shetland Hap Shawl

Knitting the Shetland Hap Shawl had been on my wish list for a long time and I’d looked at a few different options. [Read more…]

Color Affection Shawl

The Color Affection Shawl has been on my wish list for a very long time. It’s so much fun casting on a project that I really want to knit. I love everything about beginning a new project, from choosing the yarn, to swatching and casting on.

Color Affection Shawl 25

I chose 3 skeins of hand dyed Merino Cashmere Nylon in a gorgeous verdigris green for the main colour, a pale ecru for the first contrast colour and a deep brown as the second contrast colour. [Read more…]

Just Knit It Shawl

I wanted a simple and elegant shawl for wearing as a cosy scarf. I find this style of shawl very comfortable and easy to wear. This is a very easy shawl to knit and great for working on while chatting to friends or watching a movie. Just Knit It shawl is a gorgeous shawl pattern designed by Susan Ashcroft aka Stitchnerd Designs. I really love her wonderful easy to wear designs. I knit her beautiful Lightwaves Shawl in May 2013.

Just Knit It 5

It is a couple of years since we have walked through the bluebells. Spring for the last few years has been unseasonably cold and wet in Belfast. When it is cold and wet, the nettles tend to grow more quickly than the bluebells and often hide them before they are in full bloom. [Read more…]

Multistripe Stole

My Multistripe Stole is finally finished. I cast on this stole in May 2013 and cast off in early June 2014. I have knit other projects during this time, but it seems strange not seeing the Multistripe Stole’s box sitting beside the sofa, it had been there for so long it had become part of the furniture.

Multistripe Stole

When I cast on it never occurred to me that it would take me over a year to complete the project. I had visualised wearing it draped over my shoulders on cool summer evenings last year. [Read more…]

Butterfly Dreams by Drops


Now and again, I see a project that I just can’t wait to knit, Butterfly Dreams designed by Drops was one of these. I really loved this shawl as soon as I saw it. [Read more…]

Leftie Shawlette

I loved the Leftie Shawlette as soon as I saw it. I’ve always liked asymmetric shawls and scarves and find them unusual and attractive.

“Leftie is an asymmetrical shawlette that was designed to show off your favourite little leftovers. The stripes will swirl around your neck in a very flattering way, and the cute tiny leaves are the perfect way to make your favourite colours shine.” Martina Behm

If you are looking for an enjoyable project that you will zip through this may be the one. It is a wonderful choice for a warm shawlette to keep you warm through the cold weather.


I had been waiting for the perfect project to use my precious skein of Wollmeise residing in my stash. I used all of the 150g of the navy yarn knitting Leftie. [Read more…]

Chadwick Shawl

I first came across Chadwick while watching Shawlscapes on Craftsy. I loved Shawlscapes. So much fun to watch. Informative and entertaining with some very very funny moments – yes that headstand! Chadwick is one of Stephen West’s beautiful shawl patterns.


So I did what we all do when initially bitten by the inspiration bug. Opened Ravelry and searched for Chadwick. A few minutes later I was printing out the pattern. Yes, the enablers at Ravelry make buying a new pattern just soooooooo easy! [Read more…]

Multistripe Stole Time

What happens when a new Kaffe Fassett book arrives in your house? If you are anything like me everything stops while you look through the new book.


Inspiration Strikes

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the beautiful photographs and vibrant colour choices. By page 15 of “Knitting with the Colour Guys” by Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably, I was ensnared when I looked at the Multistripe Stole. These guys are masters at styling their knitwear. The knitting becomes a piece of art elegantly draped across a chair. [Read more…]

Sunny Sail Shawl

I have a cousin’s wedding coming up and I want an attractive lightweight shawl to wear with my aqua coloured sweater and black linen trousers. The Sunny Sail shawl looks perfect if I can have it finished in time.

[Read more…]

Lightwaves Shawl

I cast on Lightwaves Shawl designed by Susan Ashcroft, on the eve of St Patrick’s Day, after spending a wonderful day at the garden centre with my friend. I think my choice of colour was influenced by the shades of green and shamrock I was seeing everywhere.


After downloading the pattern, I joined the Stitchnerds group on Ravelry, and found reading the posts and looking at the colours and yarn choices used by other people who have knit this lovely shawl very helpful. [Read more…]