Wandering Socks – Dawros Beg

After our long drive from the Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry to Connemara in County Galway via The Burren in County Clare we were really tired. The cottage at Dawros Beg was amazing. It was more of a family home than a holiday rental.

Wandering Socks Dawros

The setting was just so tranquil. So the following day we decided it was time for some rest, relaxation and sock knitting. (Also, as it was such a lovely hot day I thought I’d catch up with the laundry.)

Wandering Socks Dawros

It was a pleasure watching the tide going out and coming back in. Time just passed by slowly and peacefully!

Wandering Socks Dawros

We enjoyed our breakfast while sitting out on the first floor balcony and just absorbing the amazing view of Dawros Bay and the traditional fishing cottage opposite.

Wandering Socks Dawros

I always use my notebook to take notes of every step of knitting my Wandering Socks. I like to write down details of the yarn I’m using, the needles, the number of stitches cast on. I make a note of the tension. Keep track of the number of rounds for the cuff, the leg and the foot. I like to note the style of heel, number of rows for the heel flap and how many stitches I’ve picked up and knit along the edge of the heel flap. The style of toe. All the little details that I will need to know if I put the second sock down and leave a period of time before finishing it. I will know exactly what I did when I was knitting the first sock.

Wandering Socks Dawros

I have two Midori Traveller’s Notebooks. One is used as a diary/planner. The other is used for tracking all of my knitting projects.

Wandering Socks Dawros

The Midori Traveller’s Notebook is a system that allows me to add different notebooks into it such as holiday journals. And then I can remove them when I don’t need to carry them with me all the time.

Wandering Socks Dawros

I’m so pleased with the progress on the Wandering Socks. I’ve now turned the heel on the second sock and was knitting the gusset. I’ll give details of the Wandering Socks pattern in the next and final Wandering Socks post.

Wandering Socks Dawros

It was such a warm day that we treated ourselves to a chilled beer and a snack!

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  1. Lovely photos. I sat and knitted on the same balcony a couple of weeks before you, such a peaceful place. But we didn’t have the sunshine you got!

  2. Marni Newhouse says:

    Those socks are gorgeous. The yarn colorway just fits perfectly with the lush scenery. Makes me want some lavender sock yarn. Beautiful.

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