Color Affection Shawl

The Color Affection Shawl has been on my wish list for a very long time. It’s so much fun casting on a project that I really want to knit. I love everything about beginning a new project, from choosing the yarn, to swatching and casting on.

Color Affection Shawl 25

I chose 3 skeins of hand dyed Merino Cashmere Nylon in a gorgeous verdigris green for the main colour, a pale ecru for the first contrast colour and a deep brown as the second contrast colour.

Color Affection Shawl 19

The important thing with the colour choices for this shawl was to choose three colours that were a strong contrast to each other but that look gorgeous together as I wanted the stripes to be clearly defined.

Color Affection Shawl 21

I decided to knit the fingering weight version. I worked my swatch several times but just couldn’t get the stated tension without going up to a needle size where I really disliked how loosely the fabric was knitting up. So I settled on a gauge of 20 stitches over 10 cm and knit the shawl using 5mm needles.

Color Affection Shawl 27

I read many contrasting accounts as to whether a yarn over should be placed on the edge seam to create a longer stretchier edge. But, I decided to knit the pattern as it was written.

Color Affection 28

All was proceeding well, I had finished the green section at the top. Then I added the ecru and I worked the first section of green and ecru stripes. Which also progressed well.

Color Affection 12

Then I started the short rows at which point I misread the pattern as to how many stitches I should knit past the wrapped stitch. It was silly of me to start a new section when it was late at night and I was tired. I had 3/4 of the short rows completed when I realised my error.

Color Affection 13

I couldn’t face ripping them all out and decided no one would know if I didn’t tell them… a bit of artistic license… but I knew, with a sinking heart, that I wasn’t going to have enough of the green yarn. So I continued my short rows with a different count of stitches past the wrapped stitch. I finished the short rows using the ecru and dark brown stripes. I finished the border with the dark brown and then knit the edging until I had just enough dark brown yarn to cast off.

Color Affection 20

The completed shawl is quite shallow in depth but very wide. I like the long crescent shape and love how the ends curl in such a lovely and attractive way. It is an elegant shape. I’ve a feeling that my mistake with the short rows caused me to have a wider shawl than was intended. And I find this to be too wide for wearing comfortably.

Color Affection 16

I am rather late coming to the Color Affection Shawl party… At this point in time the Color Affection is in 13,468 projects and in 10,609 queues on

Color Affection 17

I’d read a few different posts about other people’s experiences knitting the shawl. I was a little taken aback to see how many knit their first, weren’t completely pleased, found themselves knitting a second version and even a third version.

Color Affection 14

Although, I enjoyed knitting the Color Affection shawl, I don’t think I want to knit a second as I am not sure that I like how the shape of this shawl looks on me. I’ve tried wearing it a couple of times but it’s not really me. I prefer a smaller shawl that can be worn more like a scarf than a large shawl.

Bluebell woodland

I’m tempted to use this beautiful hand dyed Merino Cashmere Nylon yarn for knitting the Drachenfels Shawl designed by Melanie Berg which is very high on my to knit wish list.

Color Affection 11

It is a couple of years since we have walked through the bluebells. Spring for the last few years has been unseasonably cold and wet in Belfast. When it is cold and wet, the nettles grow more quickly than the bluebells and often hide the bluebells before they are fully out.  When we were kids, we often went up to the bluebell walk with a picnic for my sisters birthday in early May. There really is nowhere more beautiful than the Cavehill when the bluebells are out. We had such a wonderful walk wandering along one of the old overgrown paths through the woodland. We sat on our coats and enjoyed a flask of tea and a biscuit surrounded by a sea of bluebells.

Bluebell walk on Cavehill 1


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  1. I am having trouble obtaining a copy of the Affection Shawl pattern. I am a bit late in the game! Been knitting Afghans for grandchildren! On number 7! Haven’t looked around for a project for myself. Then saw the affection shawl but couldn’t get the pattern! Any ideas? Your shawl looks beautiful! I think choosing the colors would be difficult! All the different shawls look amazing! Blessings, Kate

    • Hi Kate, you can buy Color Affection on It is a reasonable price and fun to knit. The pattern has a lace weight version and a 4ply/sock yarn version. I made the latter. I’d love to hear about which colours you decide to use. I think some of the loveliest versions I’ve seen have used strong tonal contrasts with a dark, medium and light coloured yarn. Happy knitting, Nicolette

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you for sharing your project! You chose beautiful colours! Can I please ask what your error was on the short row section? I am on that part myself and I think I may also have made the same error. Was it to do with how many stitches you knit before you turn around?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Anna, Yes I completely misunderstood and didn’t knit enough stitches on the short row section. I was more than half way across, and didn’t feel like unravelling! So I then changed to knitting a couple more stitches. Then I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go all the way to the end of the section, but I’d run out of one of my colours for the stripes, so I continued to the end using two colours instead of three. Then I did the final border. But when I’d finished, my shawl ended up being very long and quite shallow. I wear it as a comfy soft scarf rather than a shawl. Nothing quite as cosy on a cold winter day as it easily winds round my neck a couple of times and then ties in the front! Had thought of unravelling it when I first finished it, then I wore it on a wet cold dog walk and it became a favourite on very cold days! Hope that helps, Nicolette

  3. Teri Byrne says:

    Good morning,

    I have had the “Color Affection” in my lineup for a few years now, so I finally am making time to try it out. Somehow I got to your site and I’m glad I did. Thanks for the tips!

    Okay. Sounds like I might try the Lace Version of the pattern, just to ensure it will be scarf-like; soft for summer wear.

    Love your attitude about life and yarn.
    Good girL.

    I’m a Nana in Oregon, USA, and only knit one thing at a time; not a manic knitter anymore, but a happy one.
    In fact, I agree with the quote, “When I’m knitting, all is right with the world.”

    Take care, luv, and keep writing!!
    Teri Byrne

    • Thank you so much Teri. I think it is such a good idea to knit the lace version. I wish I’d opted for a lighter weight Color Affection. Maybe at some time, but in the main, I usually don’t reknit shawl patterns. Too many others I look forward to trying. I’ve a pile of about 14 that I really want to knit. I so pleased you enjoy the Knitting Squirrel! Nicolette

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