Evenly Striped Socks

It is hard not to adore striped socks. I loved knitting these striped socks. These socks are made using 2 different sock yarns. one is a dark grey Lang Jawoll Magic and the other is a lovely Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in greens and reds.

Lang Striped Socks 1

I used the dark grey Lang Jawoll Magic for the cuff and toe. The cuff is knit in a k1, p1 rib. The toe is a classic toe.

Evenly Striped Socks

There are 9 stripes in the leg starting with the hand dyed stripe and finishing with the same colour.

I used wider stripes of 4 rows of hand dyed sock yarn and 4 rows of the dark grey Lang Jawoll Magic.

Lang Striped Socks 2

I used a slip stitch heel flap and chose to continue the same stripes on the heel. The heel flap in 32 rows starting with a row of dark and ending with a hand dyed stripe. I used the dark grey for turning the heel and continued with the dark grey for the start of the gusset.

Lang Striped Socks 3

The gusset stripes flow into the foot stripes. After 16 stripes ending with a hand dyed stripe (which includes the gusset and the foot). I started the shaping for the classic toe starting with a dark grey and then one stripe of hand dyed sock yarn and finishing the toe with the dark grey.

Lang Striped Socks 4

These socks were knit for my sister who loves wearing them.

We photographed these beautiful socks at Inch Abbey which is a gorgeous place. I talked about Inch Abbey in my Blue Fair Isle Leftovers Socks.

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