How Opal Creates Beautiful Sock Yarn

Have you ever wondered how Opal creates beautiful sock yarn that we have all come to love? There have been so many favourite collections over the years from Opal but one of my personal favourites is Fairies and Elves.

We have 4 of these lovely sock colours available in the Knitting Squirrel’s Yarn Shop but of course stocks, of this now hard to find range, are running low.

Opal Fairies and Elves Poster

I love the colour combinations and most of all how these yarns look when knitted into socks.

If you’ve always wanted to knit yourself a pair of socks, treat yourself to a ball of this lovely yarn in our yarn shop today, and have fun following the 4 part tutorial that will help you to knit your first pair of socks.

Oh, and did I remember to mention that Opal Fairies and Elves is On Sale?

Sock Fairies and Elves 5523

I used Fairies and Elves colour 5523 to knit the socks used in the How to Knit Your First Sock series of posts:

  • Part 1: will cover the anatomy of a sock, knitting the cuff and the leg section.
  • Part 2: will explain knitting the heel flap and turning the heel
  • Part 3: shows how to set up for the gusset and gusset shaping.
  • Part 4: looks at knitting the foot, toe shaping and finishing.

If you’ve ever wondered how Opal creates beautiful sock yarn that we have all come to love watch the video. I know this wonderful video has been around for a while, it is in German, but don’t let the language barrier put you off… this is absolutely fascinating…

What goes into the design and production process? How Opal makes the beautiful sock yarn that you spend time knitting into socks that you love to wear? Well, if you have, the video below is going to be an absolute treat!

The yarn being made is, I think, one of the Hundertwasser yarns based on the boldly coloured paintings by the Austrian painter and sculptor Friedensreich Hundertwasser. And the video gives insight into the process used to create all of the lovely Opal sock yarn ranges that you love to knit.

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  1. rose haft says:

    I enjoyed the video all the way to the end. I never knew how the self striping yarn was made. Fascinating process. Thank You.

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