Lightwaves Shawl

I cast on Lightwaves Shawl designed by Susan Ashcroft, on the eve of St Patrick’s Day, after spending a wonderful day at the garden centre with my friend. I think my choice of colour was influenced by the shades of green and shamrock I was seeing everywhere.


After downloading the pattern, I joined the Stitchnerds group on Ravelry, and found reading the posts and looking at the colours and yarn choices used by other people who have knit this lovely shawl very helpful.


Lightwaves Shawl was one of those patterns that as soon as you see it, you want to knit it. Now and again, I find one of these patterns. With Lightwaves Shawl, I cast on at 8pm on 16th March, and had it finished, wet blocked, and ready to photograph on the 6th April. The pattern was a pleasure to knit and I loved working the short row waves.


Although the pattern was written for Baby Alpaca DK and Kauni 8/2 Effektgarn yarns on 4 mm needles I new that I wanted to use 4 ply yarn to knit the shawl. After knitting a small swatch, I knew that I would use 3.5 mm needles to knit the shawl, I found the fabric to be too loosely knitted using 4 ply yarn with 4 mm needles. Last year I treated myself to a set of Addi-click Lace Long Tip circular needles and it was with glee that I chose the 3.5 mm tips and clicked them onto the click cord. They worked an absolute treat as I found having the long tip to be useful when I was knitting the wraps particularly on the purl rows. The transition between the needle and the cord was smooth and only caught the odd time when my stitches were a little on the tight side.


I chose to use Artesano 4 ply Alpaca in the lovely deep racing car green – Guyana 2133. I only used 17g of this although, by the time I was switching to the colourwork section, my stockinette section wasn’t quite as big as stated in the pattern. It just felt easier to move to the colourwork section anyway, because it meant I had the correct number of stitches for placing the markers.


I used Crazy Zauberball – Spring is Here for knitting the colourwork section. I only had 2g of this yarn left from my 100g ball by the time I was casting off, so I did cut it a little tight. I love the effect though. Really wonderful. The shawl is more beautiful than I had hoped it would be.

After working 6 sections of wavelines with the ridges in between, I knew that the finished shawl would be too small. I worked on until I had 11 sections of wavelines, finishing after knitting the A Waves. In my last two wavelines, my waves changed colour between the start and the end wave, but the ridge between them was the same colour from start to finish and that really helped to distinguish between the two wavelines.


I cast off on the 3 April and then wet blocked the shawl. I opted for a smooth edge at the top and soft points in the centre of each wave.

I don’t often knit a shawl but loved every moment of knitting this. I have a bottle green sweater that I think it will be lovely with.


I had great fun photographing the shawl by the river in the woodland at Crawfordsburn with the viaduct in the background. We were lucky to have a lovely sunny day on the 6th April, and the dappled light was wonderful.


Spring here in Northern Ireland feels very late this year, with the snow we had at the end of March, we still have some snow in our garden, so there is little sign of any \’green\’ in the woodland yet.Closer to the coast, it was a few degrees warmer, at around 6 degrees Celsius.


I look forward to knitting another of Susan’s beautiful shawl patterns soon. Just need to decide which!

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  1. Portia Garvey says:

    I am so inspired by your lovely light waves shawl, it is beautiful. I’ve downloaded the pattern from Ravelry however may I ask did you use the small shawl pattern and increase the waves or use the variation pattern for the bigger shawl? I hope mine will turn out as good as yours, I think the finer yarn really compliments the design. Many thanks,

    • Hi Portia, I see the original small shawl pattern. I increased the number of waves until I ran out of the Crazy Zauberball. At the time, I thought it would also have been very pretty if the dark green alpaca had been used to separate the Crazy Zauberball waves. It still looked quite small until after it was blocked. Blocking really helped bring out the beauty. It is a lovely shawl but not huge. Very wearable with a jacket or light sweater. I am sure yours will be every bit as lovely as mine. It is a fun pattern to knit. Happy Knitting. Nicolette

  2. Very nice!!! I love knitting!!!

  3. I am new to knitting, and this shawl is such a beautiful pattern! I think it might be above my skill level, but I\’m going to head over to Ravelry anyway and give it a try! I wanted to see if you\’ve tried organic yarns before – I just bought some from Clovertop, and I am really eager to try them out.

    • Nicolette says:

      Hi Claire
      Lightwaves Shawl is very straightforward to knit. The only techniques you need to know are the kfb increases on the edge and using short rows with wrap and turns to create the waves. It is a great project for learning these. I haven’t used organic knitting yarns although I have used the natural colours from Shetland Sheep which are gorgeous. I hope you enjoy knitting the Lightwaves Shawl. Happy Knitting, Nicolette.

  4. Where can I get this pattern? Would love to do this. Thanks

    • Nicolette says:

      Hi Karen
      I bought this pattern on Ravelry. The pattern is designed by Susan Ashcroft and can be bought as a download from her on Ravelry. I knit the shawl using 4 ply rather than DK yarn so I needed to knit additional ‘waves’ to make the shawl large enough. I really enjoyed knitting Lightwaves. Happy Knitting, Nicolette

  5. Jane George says:

    What a beautiful choice of yarn you made, I love it. Hope you don’t mind I think I will try to duplicate it.

    • Nicolette says:

      Hi Jane
      What a complement. You are most welcome to duplicate the colours. It is a great pattern to knit. Susan Ashcroft designed a beautiful shawl. I noted any changes that I made in my post. Hope you have as much fun knitting the shawl as I did. Happy Knitting, Nicolette

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