Moodboard – Iconic Treasures

This week is all about my moodboards. These ones all used the same colours of Artesano 4ply Alpaca. I did this series of moodboards some time ago. The first Moodboard – Iconic Treasures shows the 5 pale colours and 5 dark colours of 4ply Alpaca that I used for all the samples knitted for these moodboards…

Iconic Treasures

I collect images from magazines that inspire me. Whether it is because of the beautiful details such as the intricate cutout paper sculptures in the jewellery advert. The vibrant colours of the ocean in the seascape photograph. Or the subtle pastel colours in the photograph of the beach huts and the pebble beach.

I use paint colour strips from the hardware store as I find them great for picking out the colours I want to use.

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