An Unexpected Sweater Journey

What are my WIPs at the moment? Mainly sweaters. Which seems utterly extraordinary to me. I cannot really fathom it. I started 2017 with the aim of knitting one sweater this year. I haven’t knit a sweater for myself before although I have knit many Sasha doll sized sweaters. I’d never really been interested in knitting sweaters. They are a large project that take a lot of yarn and time to complete and not a project that I ever considered to be particularly portable. So I surprised myself when knitting a sweater became my New Year’s Resolution for 2017.

Joyride Jumper by Drops Design

Joyride Jumper by Drops Design

At the start of the year, in January, I was going through a pile of knitting magazines, tearing out any patterns that appealed to me when I came across the Joyride sweater designed by Drops Design. I ordered the Drops Karisma yarn online from Purple Sheep Yarns. And by the end of January I had almost finished the body. When it was set aside.

As my knitting took a bit of a hiatus.

When I was able to knit again, the So Faded sweater designed by Andrea Mowry had just been released. I’d thought about knitting the Find Your Fade shawl but I felt it was a lot of yarn to put into a shawl, however, the So Faded sweater really appealed to me. It was so much fun choosing the yarns. Knitting this sweater never got boring for a single moment.

So Faded Designed by Andrea Mowry

So Faded Designed by Andrea Mowry

By this time, my Joyride Jumper was languishing and I’d cast on a cardigan Summer Cool from Simply Knitting magazine. This is a cute striped cardigan but it is in pieces that will need seaming. I’ve discovered that even the thought of seaming this cardigan has stopped me in my tracks. With the back finished, the left front finished and the right front half done I kept telling myself I needed to go back to knitting it.

In the meantime, I was looking through my large stash and noticed I had several large 400g balls of aran weight yarn in a nice mauve colour. I loved the style of the newly released Baldric sweater designed by Isabell Kraemer so this one was cast on.

Oh dear, I was becoming a little like a kid in a candy store every time I visited… and there were too many sweaters cast on and not so many actually finished. And did this stop me in my tracks? No…

Baldric Designed by Isabell Kraemer

Baldric Designed by Isabell Kraemer

I had to tweak the numbers a little for Baldric as the sweater was knit using a ribbon/tape style yarn and although my yarn was also an aran weight I could not get the specified tension. And to obtain a fabric that I liked I had to change the stitch numbers a little and add a few extra rows into the raglan shaping. This sweater, however, flew off the needles and became my second finished jumper… I love how it looks and it is now waiting to be blocked.

At this point I picked up the Joyride Jumper, and after a couple of hiccups which I’ll tell you about in a later post, I finished it. It is a gorgeously warm cosy jumper.

While I was knitting the sleeves for the Joyride Jumper, Making Magazine Issues 1 and 2 arrived in the post. I do seem to have appalling willpower these days, I couldn’t resist and cast on Branches and Buds Pullover from Issue 1.

Branches and Buds Designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Branches and Buds Designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge

What befell the Summer Cardigan? It ended up being frogged in favour of knitting the yarn into a striped top down seamless sweater instead. I was, yet again, browsing Ravelry and what should I see but Ravello designed by Isabell Kraemer. Ravelry really is too easy… a couple of clicks… and another pattern is purchased and downloaded. The Ravello sweater is designed for fingering weight yarn and my yarn is DK so I’ll have to tweak it a little but I think it will look amazing. I love this combination of colour blocking and stripes!

Ravello Designed by Isabell Kraemer

Ravello Designed by Isabell Kraemer

I always told myself, I’d knit a sweater when I lost weight, when I was a bit slimmer, etc etc, but, then, I realised that I may never actually knit a sweater for myself if I kept waiting until I was just the ‘right’ weight and size.

The crazy thing is that I have several other sweaters that I want to cast on and 6 skeins of Hedgehog Merino Singles waiting for me to decide on the right project. Should it be Veera Valimaki’s Pavement sweater or her Piece of Silver sweater? Either way, it is going to be a blended/faded one! I’m trying to resist casting on another sweater until I finish knitting the Branches and Buds Pullover and the Ravello sweater but with this particular obsession, resistance is futile!

I’ll tell you more about each of these sweaters soon… Has my unexpected sweater journey been all plain sailing? Definitely not, but it has been a lot of fun!

I may well end the year with four finished sweaters. Whether I get my Christmas knitting finished in time is a different story… I keep putting off starting my Christmas gift knitting because I just want to finish the sleeves and that was the excuse at least one sweater ago…

Have you been bitten by the sweater knitting bug recently? Which sweater patterns have really appealed to you?

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  1. What a surprise post!
    So fun and revealing and quirky just like the rest of us!
    Seriously, Thank you for sharing—you’ve given me permission and courage to “do another sweater.”
    Happy Autumn to you,
    Teri Byrne
    Parkdale, Oregon USA

    • Thanks Teri, Knitting a sweater has been unexpectedly exhilarating! Which sweater are you dreaming of knitting next? I’d love to know. My dream sweater list is growing ever longer… Happy Knitting, Nicolette

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