New WYS Signature 4 ply Sock Yarns

West Yorkshire Spinners have created some gorgeous new WYS Signature 4 ply sock yarns that we’ve just added to the Knitting Squirrels Yarn Shop. The WYS Signature 4 ply range are very popular sock yarns that feel wonderfully soft and squishy because of the 35% Bluefaced Leicester wool. West Yorkshire Spinners have been winners in the British Knitting Awards in both 2014 and 2015 for these great yarn ranges. You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you wear a pair of socks knit using this exceptional sock yarn!

WYS Signature 4 ply Christmas Special

In time for Christmas, West Yorkshire Spinners have created the gorgeous Limited Edition Holly Berry. This yarn brings together all the classic Christmas colours in a unique print. As always when WYS develop a new print in Signature 4 Ply they also like to launch a complementary accent shade. This allows knitters and crocheters to combine both shades to create eye catching garments and accessories. Cherry Drop is a stunning deep red which complements Holly Berry perfectly.

These two great yarns can be purchased here.

WYS Holly Berry and Cherry Drops

WYS Signature 4 ply Country Birds

The popular WYS Signature 4 ply Country Birds range has three lovely new birds, Peacock 851, Goldfinch 840, and Kingfisher 844, join the other six great Country Birds colour combinations.

New WYS Signature 4 ply Country Birds

WYS always create a solid colour that marries perfectly with the lovely self patterning Country Birds. Their suggested combinations (shown below) will inspire you.

All of the gorgeous WYS Country Birds can be bought here.

  • Chocolate Lime – Peacock
  • Cinnamon Stick – Goldfinch
  • Spearmint – Kingfisher 
  • Juniper – Mallard
  • Cayenne Pepper – Bullfinch 
  • Cardamom – Blue Tit 
  • Poppy Seed – Owl
  • Nutmeg – Pheasant 
  • Pennyroyal – Wood Pigeon 

As well as matching the Limited Edition WYS Signature 4 ply Christmas Special sock yarn Cherry Drop combines perfectly with the lovely new Goldfinch.

WYS Signature 4 ply Sweet Shop

New to the richly toned WYS Signature 4 ply Sweet Shop range are the delicious Chocolate Lime 395, and Spearmint 309. Find these great new solid colours here. Cherry Drop is also a new addition to the lovely WYS Signature 4 ply Sweet Shop range although I have listed it with the lovely Limited Edition Holly Berry.

New WYS Signature 4 ply Sweet Shop colours

They join the yummy Blackcurrant Bomb, Blueberry Bonbon, Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Liquorice, Milk Bottle , Sarsaparilla and Sour Apple to create a vibrant selection.

WYS Signature 4 ply Sweet Shop

WYS Signature 4 ply Spice Rack

Cinnamon Stick 632 joins the other six great solid colours in the WYS Signature 4 ply Spice Rack Range which include Cardamom, Cayenne Pepper, Juniper, Nutmeg, Pennyroyal and Poppy Seed.

WYS Spice Rack Cinnamon Stick

I adore the subtlety of the colours in Spice Rack range which can be found here in the Knitting Squirrel’s Yarn Shop.

WYS Signature 4 ply Spice Rack

The beautiful photographs used in the Knitting Squirrel’s Yarn Shop Update for the gorgeous new WYS Signature 4 ply sock yarns were all provided by West Yorkshire Spinners.

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