Sheep’s Head Peninsula Walk to Lighthouse

We decided to drive around the Sheep’s Head Peninsula to enjoy a walk to the Lighthouse after our visit to Sheep’s Head Yarns. We reached Kilcrohane about 30 minutes before they closed Sheep’s Head Yarns on the last day of the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

We’d pretty much missed the main yarn market but I bought two skeins of hand dyed sock yarn by Strand Designs from the Sheep’s Head Shop. 

One is called Clover and is very similar in colour to my holiday knitting socks project. I’m knitting a pair of socks using a matching set of Knit Circus self striping sock yarn which I’d received as a Christmas present from Neil. I’ve shown a photograph of my finished Knit Circus socks farther on in this post.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

The other is called Lighthouse and the colours relate closely to the colours of the Sheep’s Head Lighthouse, as I was soon to find out, although this was probably not intentional. Sheep’s Head Yarns will be open throughout the summer, so do visit the shop, which sells items made by local craftspeople, if you are lucky enough to be visiting West Cork. (The yarn at the front in the photograph below is the Clover colour way and the skein at behind it is the Lighthouse colour way).

Sheeps Head Peninsula

On leaving Kilcrohane we decided to drive on towards Sheep’s Head and the Lighthouse. We parked at Tooreen and had a cold drink and a coffee. Neil enjoyed a delicious slice of home baked coffee cake drizzled with fresh cream with his coffee.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

We ate our cheese and pickle sandwiches in the car as it was very very windy and then set off for the 2km walk to the lighthouse. It was a lovely walk and an ultra cute little lighthouse at the end of it.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

Although, I must say, it felt much longer than 2km. Very windy and steep on the way back from the lighthouse.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

A lot of steps uphill and walking into the wind to get back to the car park.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

And the views were breathtaking. This was the sea and sky taken from the lighthouse at the tip of the Sheep’s Head Peninsula.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

Neil photographed the same sheep, going down and then as we were walking back up the steep stoney path much to the annoyance of the ewe who kept telling her lamb to hurry up. Of course, it didn’t!

Sheeps Head Peninsula

We drove back to Kilcrohan and turned up towards Goats Head passing Eileen’s Pub. We stopped to enjoy the view at Seefin.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

Then drove along the top side of the peninsula along part of the Wild Atlantic Way. Stunning views. It was after 8pm by this time and ‘Thomasina’ decided on the quickest route and then proceeded to take us through narrow meandering roads for 1 1/2 hours… Some of them could barely be described as roads in some places!

Sheeps Head Peninsula

Of course, I was working on my Knit Circus Socks using Knit Circus Gradient Sock Yarn, while travelling in the car, as a passenger, and spending most of my time watching the beautiful scenery, meant they weren’t quite as perfectly matching as they should have been! I forgot the number of rows I’d knit for the cuff on sock number one and knit two less rows on sock number two. (I had written the number down in my notebook but I don’t like reading while in a moving car so I failed to check). To make sure that the overall length would be the same, I knit two extra rows for the leg on sock number two. Luckily, you don’t really see the cuffs when wearing socks.

Knit Circus Socks

I asked Neil to pull into a carpark overlooking the sea so I could pick up stitches for the heel flap. (Some things can’t be done in a moving car!) Anyway, these little errors are the consequence of knitting while looking at the beautiful views. These tiny mistakes will bring back memories every time I wear the socks that I knit on my journey to Kerry and our drive around Sheep’s Head Peninsula. The photograph above is of my finished Knit Circus Socks photographed at the Burren in County Clare.

Sheeps Head Peninsula

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  1. Nicolette,
    Seems I’m all mixed up with the yarn identity–Lighthouse or Circus.
    The Circus yasrn I think is the socks–but they have the pink and blue and white of the Lighthouse too, as I see the colors. Nice, no matter.
    Joyce in Utah

    • Hi Joyce, I’ve rewritten part of the post to try to make it a little clearer! The Yarn Circus socks are the finished socks shown in the photo near the end of the post. I haven’t wound the new skeins into cakes yet! Many thanks, Nicolette

  2. Nicolette,
    I can just smell and feel the crisp sea air from your photos. The little lighthouse does have colors of your sock yarn! The ewe and baby are sweet and will be giving their coats for wool soon enough for someone’swarm socks next year.
    I really like the way the Circus Socks yarn worked up with the leg in one color and the foot in the other color–how do they do that?
    And how do you knit a pair of socks so quickly?
    It takes me over 20 hours to knit a pair of 64 cast on, with at least 9 inches tall leg and 10 1/4 inches long foot length. I enjoy knitting socks so much, no matter how long it takes.
    Thank you again for another interesting an beautiful post.
    Joyce in Utah

    • Hi Joyce,

      I’m not sure how Jaala Spiro dyes her gradient self striping sock yarn. The colour in my gradient balls also went to yellow and darker grey. But my socks never actually reached the yellow section. I have two little balls of this so I’m thinking of using them with a grey yarn to knit into a pair of fingerless mitts. Not sure yet. Her gradient stripes are amazing! They were on my Christmas list!

      I didn’t knit the socks all that quickly… I was knitting these socks for 4 1/2 hours until we reached Co Offaly. Then the next day, I was knitting them for 7 1/2 hours until we reached the cottage in the Co Kerry. On the following day our trip down West Cork, around Sheep’s Head Peninsula and back to Co Kerry was another 8 1/2 hours of knitting! I was just glad to have a few knitting projects with me. In all, we did 1,650 miles in two weeks but most of that was in the first week around Co Kerry. We didn’t do any long distance day trips in Connemara, Co Galway!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      Many thanks, Nicolette

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