So this is a slightly different post to my usual knitting posts as I don’t really go into my personal life very much on the Knitting Squirrel. I prefer to keep to knitting projects, yarn and a little bit of travel to interesting places.

Firstly, the Knitting Squirrel is continuing apace with my husband and mum packing all the orders and sending them out poste haste. We have a couple of nice new yarns coming in towards the end of February which is always fun to open and look at the colour combinations.

However, all of you who have emailed me or left comments recently will have noticed a tardiness in my replying. Over the last couple of months I have been feeling very tired and have had some touches of angina when I was walking my collie Bene. This escalated and I am presently in hospital awaiting treatment.

Thanks to Neil I now have a little laptop and my mobile phone is providing a personal hotspot so although I cannot add new posts for the moment, I will be able to reply to any queries and gradually work my way through replying to all the comments and questions that are awaiting my attention. So please don’t feel like I am ignoring you I will get there eventually.

My mum and husband are thoroughly enjoying looking at the lovely yarns that you buy as they pack them for posting.

The beautiful stag was photographed in the Wolf Refuge when we visited Brittany in September.

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  1. Hi Nicolette, Glad to hear you’re on the mend.
    Miss your gentle stories and fab instinct for colour.
    It made me smile to think of Neil Buying you those gorgeous yarns in Edinburgh.
    Mend well ūüôā

  2. joan perlman says:

    Hi Nicolette,
    I just discovered your blog and website. So sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Glad to see that you’re out of the hospital. As everyone says, it’s really important to rest. Are you involved in any physical therapy?
    We’re planning on spending 3 months in Ireland this summer. I hope to get to Belfast and to your shop. By then, you should be up, around and smiling with your family and your dog.

    • Hi Joan, thank you for your comment. I have a hospital appointment at the end of this week and then will be hopefully starting on an 8 week course of cardiac rehabilitation physio. In the meantime, I am building up my stamina with a walk with Bene in the morning. I aim at about 5,500 steps a day. It is good to be able to walk without getting any chest pain! The Knitting Squirrel is an online shop, with all the yarns stored in airtight boxes in my spare bedroom! It isn’t a bricks and mortar shop. However, I would love to meet up with you for a coffee, if you are in Belfast. That would be fun! Best wishes, Nicolette

  3. Dear Nicolette

    So sorry to hear you haven’t been too well. Fingers crossed you are on the mend and all will be well soon.

    Best wishes to your and your family.

    Kind Regards

  4. Nicolette,
    I know you don’t know me, but I read your blog daily and when hearing you weren’t well started sending you well wishes. I hope you are getting better and on your feet again soon. Miss hearing from you! Hugs!

    • Hi Tammi, thank you so much for your well wishes. I am recovering well and taking it easy getting back into the swing of things. I still won’t be able to lift any heavy boxes for another few months! Many thanks, Nicolette

  5. Gail L. says:

    It’s been a month since your post and I sincerely hope that you are back to feeling 100% again – love your blog and as a relatively new-to-sock-knitting knitter I really have to say that your posts with all the lovely travel spots and gorgeous wool are quite inspiring for me. Take care of yourself and I’ll look forward to more beautiful blog posts when you’re feeling up to it.

    • Hi Gail, Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am improving every day and have been extremely lucky. I’ve had a lot of wonderful care and attention which I’m very grateful for. It is nice to be able to knit again. I still have work ahead of me before I will completely well. Many thanks, Nicolette

  6. Only just stumbled upon your blog. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  7. Sorry to hear you are in hospital ( hopefully out now) I hope they have sorted you out so you are OK. Take care

  8. Do take care of yourself,,and let your husband & your mum do as much as they can for you. I’m sending all energizing & encouraging energy your way.

  9. Tracy Spottiswood says:

    Dear Nicolette, I have missed your posts and I have wondered how you are. Thank you for sharing this very personal information about yourself. It can’t have been easy. Take care and I very much hope, that as Joyce says, you, Neil and Bene are out and about again soon. X

  10. It’s good you’re getting treatment and I hope that all goes well… Take your time recovering and I hope you have a pretty ball of yarn and some needles by your side! Sending good wishes to you!

  11. Nancy White says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you dear Nicole. Praying for a quick recovery! Your website has brought me such joy over the years. Thank you so much. But now is the time for you to take care of yourself!

  12. Joyce Pruhs says:

    So sorry about your health issues. Good thoughts and prayers are sent your way. Please improve soon so you and Bene can walk together again. I know he misses you.
    Joyce in Utah

  13. Penny D'Aloia says:

    Just get well, that’s the only task. Tons of best wishes, Penny.

  14. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    I hope your are soon well!

  15. Nicolette
    Sorry to hear you are unwell, so best wishes for a swift recovery. Always enjoy your posts, and look forward to more when you are back up to speed.

    • Thank you Cat. I have lots of half written ones but nothing I can do about actually writing them at the moment which is frustrating. Having an enforced rest and have to admit, I’m pleasantly surprised by the tasty hospital food.

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