What Essentials are in Your Project Box?

We all have favourite knitting tools that we have beside us all the time

  • When we are knitting our latest project
  • When we are knitting samples for fun
  • When we are playing with new colours


What are the indispensable items that you like to use?

What do you keep beside you all the time?

Essentials included in mine:

  • Calculator
  • Ruler
  • Card with yarn samples
  • My tin of stitch markers
  • Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Bamboo DPNs in several sizes – helps prevent painful wrists
  • Needle Gauge
  • My tin of tapestry needles
  • Stretchy bandage (when my wrists are painful)

The beautiful box was bought in TK Max.  I love watching out for lovely boxes.


Not Included in the photograph but usually on the table beside me:

  • Books on fair isle (or the subject that I am interested in at that time)
  • Graph paper
  • Box of coloured pencils
  • My lever arch file of charted design ideas for the samples I am knitting
  • My A4 notebook where I write down what I am thinking of: notes of shaping; on which rounds; and anything that I think I need to change.

Tell me what knitting equipment you couldn’t be without.

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  1. Lovely photo! I’ve linked it on facebook ūüôā

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